Manage your tasks more efficiently


  • Nicely designed interface
  • Complete tasks with tags, notes and due date
  • Support for alarms
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts


  • Sometimes the server is down


GTD – which stands for Getting Things Done – is a very popular method to manage tasks and boost your productivity in a very easy way. Based on the main principles of this method, lets you organize your work effectively. is based on Adobe AIR, which makes it compatible across multiple platforms. You need to create a user account on the program's servers, which is then used to sync content online. The only problem is that this server can be down sometimes, and that renders pretty useless.

The program features a nice, clear interface with a sidebar to navigate tasks according to different criteria, and a main area where you can see the actual list of tasks. lets you create quick new tasks just by typing a short line on the top field, or create more elaborate tasks with title, notes, tags, due date and alarm options. is very easy to use, supports keyboard shortcuts for all its main functions and can really help you focus on tasks one by one – and therefore be more productive.

If you'd like to adopt the GTD method but think it's too much for you, try instead: a light version of GTD that helps you deal with all your pending tasks in a more effective way. is a simple AIR-based task manager that can help you manage your work and boost your productivity, based on the GTD principles.

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    Very simple product, Great UI, easy to use . loving the product.   More